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Chaconas Estates Homes Association Violation Procedure as of May 2023


If there is a violation on a Lot, an email will be sent to the Member to correct the violation that goes against the HOA Covenants. The HOA Board of Directors requires a plan of action and reasonable date of completion within two (2) weeks of receipt of email;


If the homeowner does not respond to the violation email or fix the violation by the date they provided; an Official HOA Violation Letter will be sent


After the HOA Violation Letter is sent, the Chaconas Homeowners Association will follow the Virginia Property Association Act § 55.1-1819. Adoption and enforcement of rules

If you have a complaint or believe there is a violation- please email the association or fill out the violation form.

Approved at 8 December 2020 Board Meeting

If you require a copy of the Violation Procedure please use the PDF here: 
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